We're both educators. We live in California. We're excited to provide a loving home to a child that becomes part of our family through adoption. 

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We've been married for 2 1/2  years and together for six years. We live in Los Angeles, California. We're both educators, and we both have Masters Degrees in Education. We love spending time with children, which is why we both worked in schools. We're hard working, kind and responsible.  Our favorite thing to do is to spend time with one another, with our families and with our close friends. We do not have children and are looking forward to welcoming a child into our home and our family. We promise to love, support and provide opportunities to them.

Some of the opportunities that we will provide are an excellent education, the chance to travel and to have access to sports, music and arts. 

We have chosen adoption because our experience as teachers, and with our big extended family of relatives and friends, has taught us that family is who you choose to love. The idea of adoption has always felt like the right choice for us.  If you are a birth parent and are considering adoption please reach out to us to see if we are a good match. 


Seth and his friends.

Seth and his friends.

Seth is 38 years old. He grew up playing sports and loving to read. He played tennis and soccer in high school and played tennis in college. After graduating from college, he decided to become a teacher and taught 5th grade. He has a master's degree in education and worked as a middle school and high school principal for seven years. He is currently the Executive Director of an organization that works to improve schools. 

Seth loves all kinds of music and enjoys cooking and spending time with his friends and family. He also volunteers on community issues through our congregation.  He is very close with his mother and has group of very close friends who have been like his family for over 25 years. Many of them have young children of their own. Seth's friends and family consider him responsible and caring. Seth is looking forward to being a father and to the responsibility of teaching, supporting and loving a child. 


Lucy teaching her students

Lucy teaching her students

Lucy is 29 years old. Lucy grew up as a serious dancer and danced professionally for a few years. She studied ballet, and modern dance for 17 years. After this, Lucy went to college and then taught middle school and high school English and Special Education, while earning a master’s degree in education. She currently works in research and policy, focusing on justice and education. Lucy is also studying for law school.  When she becomes a lawyer, she plans to continue using her skills to make sure that people get fair access to education and opportunities for success in life.

Lucy enjoys spending time with family and friends, and spending time with the children in her family. She likes all kinds of arts and books. She is someone who wants to make the world a better place and wants the people that she loves to be happy. Lucy is a trusted friend and relative. She is dependable, caring and is always there for the people that she loves, especially when they need her. Lucy's experience as a family member, a friend and a teacher make her very excited to nurture and take care a child. 


Our Relationship

We’re both educators and originally met while working in schools just a few blocks from each other. We both loved working with children, especially helping them learn to love reading, taking them on trips to new places and creating structured, nurturing and safe environments in our classrooms. As educators, we balanced joy with the patience and structure that students need to succeed. We also learned a lot about child development that will hopefully help us when we start our family. 

What we like most about each other is that we are both kind to people and believe in taking care of one another, our families, our friends, and our communities. We are both athletic and enjoy playing sports. We're happiest when we have music playing in our home and are spending time with one another. We love to laugh and to make each other happy. We take our marriage seriously and try to make sure that we always support each other. We have a very sweet dog named Zeus. 

We’re really excited to be parents and believe we can help a child discover the things that they love in the world, through education, sports, music, arts or other interests. 

We know that as adoptive parents it will be important to honor a child’s background, especially if it is different from our own. This means that we need to educate ourselves and to be thoughtful. We are absolutely open to discussing this with you if you would like. We are also lucky to have a diverse group of very close friends that will be “aunts and uncles” as well as a diverse family who will support and love our child, too.

In addition to loving our child and having fun together, we think it is important to be consistent and to provide structure. As parents, it would be our job to keep a child safe and healthy. We will also take our responsibility to prepare them to be successful, happy and responsible adults very seriously.

We believe in spending time helping a child think about their actions and to trying to help them avoid making mistakes. At the same time, we believe it’s important for kids to understand that making mistakes doesn’t mean that they aren’t loved. We want to have our child know that they can talk to us, even if they’ve made a mistake.

We know that being parents will be a privilege and take a lot of hard work.  We are excited to dedicate ourselves to making sure that our child has excellent opportunities, many wonderful memories, and our full love and support.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and for you to get to know us. We promise to make sure that the adoption process respects your needs and wishes.

We both have amazing extended families and many lifelong friends whom we consider family. We’re also  “honorary” Aunts and Uncles to a few of our friends' children. 


Our wonderful extended family includes aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. We love to spend time with them, especially on the holidays.  They are all very excited to welcome a new child into the family.  Our friends include teachers, lawyers, dancers and other professionals. We've known our friends for a long time and they are like our sisters and brothers. They are a diverse, smart, fun group of people, who will each add a lot to a child's life. 


Our Home


We have a home filled with music, books, laughter, kindness, great food, and a very sweet dog.  We live near the beach.  Our neighborhood is close to parks, libraries, and very good schools.  There are a lot of families living in our neighborhood. Our community has private outdoor space and a pool. Our neighborhood is quiet and safe, and it has been our home since 2015.